Veil Or No Veil?

To veil or not to veil that is the question modern brides are asking themselves. To some it might be the final touch their bridal look needs. To others it might be too much for the simple look they want to achieve. Traditions are changing and the original meaning of the veil may not resonate with some brides now a days. 

We are here today to help guide you to the answer of wearing or veil or not. Take a look at these pros and cons. 

Pro: They Look Amazing In Photos

Veils not only look great in person but some might say they look even better in photos. There are so many shots that can be taken with a veil that make a beautiful statement. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it for your entire wedding you can choose to wear it just for photos. For this you can look into renting one to save some money. 

Con: Might Not Work With Venue

This is something you want to think about if your having an outdoor wedding. With windy weather a veil might not be the best idea. It can be distracting trying to keep it from flying around everywhere. This is especially true if you have a long veil. It can make for unnecessary stress. 

Pro: Statement Walking Down The Aisle

If you are wanting to go with a more simple gown but still want to make a statement the a veil is the way to go. A long veil adds that dramatic look and can be more budget friendly then a more extravagant gown. It is going to make your walk down the aisle that much more memorable. 

Con: Might Not Work With Your Hairstyle 

Depending on how you want to wear your hair for your big day, it might not work with wearing a veil. If you already have a look in mind you have to rethink about it to fit a veil. This means your options for hairstyle might be limited. 

Pro: Versatile For Any Look

The great thing about a veil is that it can go with any now style. It will never look out of place. A simple design of pure tulle or embroidered with lace it all looks amazing. You can also pick which ever length you would like. 

Con: Another Cost To The Bridal Look

The veil is another accessory you have to factor into the budget. Some times it might not fit into it. So if there is something else you would rather allocate that money to then a veil might be out of the picture. 

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