How To Host An Amazing Destination Wedding For Your Guests

  Destination weddings are such a nice thing because it's almost like it's own little vacation, even for your guests. You always want your guests to feel comfortable and enjoy the wedding experience but this rings true even more so for destination weddings. Typically guests will arrive a couple days before the wedding and may even spend an extra day after to enjoy the stay. It is important for them to factor in travel time so of course you will want to make it an enjoyable stay where ever that might be. 

Take these ideas into consideration to help make your guests stay more enjoyable. It is a great way to show how much they mean to you and how happy they are to be part of such a beautiful day. 

1. Welcome Bags

It's a great idea to leave some mindful gifts for them in their rooms. It can be like a welcome bag. Having items that are useful to their stay is a must. Adding things like flip flops to change into in case their feet get tired the day of the wedding. Leaving an itinerary of any pre-weddings events that might happen is also a great idea. It's also a great idea to leave snacks for them they can enjoy incase they come in hungry from traveling. These thought filled little things will make all the difference. 

2. Transportation Code

If your guests will have to travel from place to place for your wedding and any other events it is great to set up transportation for them. An easy way do this is to have an event code specifically for your guests to use with ride shares near by. This can include Uber and Lyft. It works like a discount code and you only pay for the amount used. 

3. Welcome & Farewell Events

A nice way to spend time before the wedding with your guests is through welcome dinner or farewell brunches. You can choose to do both but either one would work perfectly. This allows you to spend more time with people close to you and shows how much they are appreciated. 

4. Child Care 

Sometimes guests will bring their children with them on the trip. If you are not allowing children on your wedding day it can be a great treat for your guest to have a day care system set up. If you are allowing children then this can be just a perk for the parents. They can decide what the best choice is for them. 

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