Should You Have A Separate Reception & Ceremony Venue

Choosing a venue for a wedding is one of the major things to check off the to do list for wedding planning. So when it comes to choosing it should you have more than one? Depending on the vision you have for your wedding it make make sense to have your reception and ceremony at different locations.

If you’re undecided on whether or not to do so we have some tips to help you. 

Budgeting In Mind

First thing that you should think about it the pricing for the different location. It is no surprise that having two different venue can run up the price tag. So if you want to save money than having just one venue would be the best way to go. 


Depending on the two venue locations you will have to think about transportation for your guests. You may have to rent buses or trollies for guests. You might even get a code for a driving service for them to use. However, if the venues are right next to each other like an outdoor indoor option then it would be easier. 

Minimize Decorations

Having one venue will make decorating so much easier. It will be less time consuming which will be great if you are going to be doing much of it yourself. It can also be easy to keep one theme and really bring your vision to life. 

Religious Traditions

If you want to keep things traditional and have your ceremony in a church or another place of worship then having two venues is the best way to do that. These are questions that you have to keep in mind when it comes down to making your chose. 

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