Rustic Wedding Ideas

Soft tones and an emphasis on nature is the way to bring a rustic theme to life. When we think of rustic weddings we sometimes go for the typical mason jars and burlap but there is so much more to that. Ready for some inspiration for an amazing rustic wedding? Keep on reading for more. 

Barrel Bar

A rustic look for the bar is a great eye catcher. Achieve that look with barrels used for legs of the table topped with a wooden board. It is a unique look that delivers that homely feel that comes with a rustic theme. 

Chair Hoop Sign

Dress up your sweetheart table by decoding your chairs with a custom chair hoop sign. This wooden detail is what a rustic theme is all about. You can customize it to be more personal to what ever you would like. 

Wooden Lanterns

Light up the night with some wooden lanterns. They can be placed on tables or scattered around the venue for that warm cozy feel. If you are having a night wedding it can even be used to decorate the wedding aisle. It gives all those romantic vibes. 

Slabs Of Bark

Make your wedding cake stand out by placing it on a slab of bark. It gives it that nature touch. They can also be used to display any other food options. It takes the overall look to another level. 

Large Drink Dispensers

Let guests self sever drinks out of large drink dispensers. This can be used for alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Be sure to add fruit or even flowers in the drink for extra decoration. 

Bon Fire

If your having an outdoor venue make it more cozy with bon fires. It is great for guests to gather around and get to know each other. And don’t forget about the s'mores!

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