How A Mother Is Involved With Wedding Planning

  Mothers play a big role in the a brides wedding. Over the years expectations change but that doesn't mean being less important. Some moms are more involved then others when it comes to the wedding and that is totally okay. Here are some things mothers of the bride usually is involved in as well as tips to keep in mind. 

Support System

This is something very important to keep in mind. A mothers role on a day to day life is typically a support system and this what should also be brought to the wedding. It is important to remember that this is the brides wedding and not the mothers. It is perfectly fine to help out with small things that the bride needs helps with. But when it comes down to making the final decision she has the word. This is her big day and it is great for mothers to be there to help out along the way but not take over the wedding. 

Wedding Dress Input

Like mentioned a mother of the daughter is seen as a support system which also includes helping choose the bridal gown. This is a big moment for every bride and having there mother there to help is a dream come true. Typically mothers always help with this portion of wedding planning. Mothers will give honest feedback so we can always count on making the right choice with their help. 

Not The Wedding Planner

Mothers aren't the wedding planners and that is a good thing. Wedding planning is a lot to take on so it's better to leave to the professionals. It is good to have firm guidelines on what they can help with but don't pile on things for the mother to handle. Nor should they feel responsible for wedding planning. 

Money Contributions

The mother of the bride does not have to contribute facially. That is no longer a required tradition that was so often seen before. However if she would like to contribute money it could be towards a gift or for a honey moon fund. Giving money to the bride should never be an incentive to try to take over the wedding. 

Wedding Outfit 

Your wedding outfit is all about the mothers style. Although the same formality should be used as the over wedding, mothers get to pick out their outfit. Another thing to keep in mind is that the mother of the bride typically wears a different color from the bridesmaids. There is no harm in matching but it is just something that is typically steered away from. 

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