Pros & Cons Of A Seating Chart

Next up on the wedding planning list is creating a seating chart…or not. We have to admit that creating a seating chart is probably one of the things less exciting about wedding planning. But sometimes it is very necessary. Let’s dive into some of the pros and cons of having an assigned seating chart for your wedding day. 

Pro: Great For Large Groups

If your having a larger sized wedding then seating charts are a must. Trying to find somewhere to sit with a large crowd can be chaotic and will not let your wedding run smoothly. This can be true for the ceremony and reception. 

Con: Waiting On RSVPS

When creating a seating chard you have to wait to see who will be attending. This can be a very frustrating time. Some people reply late and then you have to go back to change things if seating decisions are made too early. This can bring on added stress. 

Pro: Creates A Great Guest Experience

You know your friends and family the best. By creating a seating chart you can make sure you seat people that would get along with each other. If some are coming alone you can seat them with people that would make the wedding great. New friendships can even come about from this. 

Con: Time Consuming 

Putting together a seating chart is no joke. It can be like putting together a puzzle with sometimes missing pieces. It can be very time consuming and like we mentioned before can add unnecessary stress. If your wedding is on the smaller size you can opt to not create one. 

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