Which Season Should You Have Your Wedding In?

Before all of the fun wedding planning can begin it is important to pick your wedding date. Which includes which season you want to have your wedding in. This will set the tone for all things else to follow. Your wedding season can effect budget, venues, and even your bridal look. So it is important to pick the one that works best for you. 

Let’s take a look at which season will be the one for you!


Over the passed few years fall weddings have been on the rise. It is said that October is the time when most couples want to tie the knot. So what make fall weddings so appealing? The first has to do with weather. Fall offers some of the best weather. If your planning an outdoor wedding the fall is the season for you. It also offers amazing nature views. Although it is a very popular time that can also mean it has it’s disadvantages like places and vendors being overbooked. 


The summer season was once the most popular time for couples to get married. Now it follows behind fall. The sunshine season is great because a lot of people take summer vacations. Meaning it would be easier for them to attend your wedding, especially if it will be a destination wedding. If your planning a summer wedding it’s important to have a indoor portion to your wedding. Summer heat can get very drastic in some parts of the world. 


Spring time is the start of wedding season. But it is not as popular as fall and summer. Couples love spring because it brings a symbolic sense to their wedding. Spring is about new beginnings and it is very fitting when entering the new chapter of marriage. Do be on the look out for cold weather and rain still present in the spring. This can hinder and outdoor wedding.


Most couples don’t gravitate towards a winter wedding. It is considered the off season for weddings but that doesn’t mean it won’t be perfect for you. A winter wedding can be more budget friendly because it is off season. Vendors aren’t booked as much and can offer lower rates. It also offers more availability from them. So your dream venue might be within your reach during a winter wedding. However, keep in mind that winter comes with major holidays so you have to plan around that. 

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