How To Reuse Wedding Items After The Wedding

It takes so much time, energy, and of course money to decide on the perfect items for your wedding. It seems like such a shame to get rid of everything after the big wedding day. That doesn’t always have to be the case. There are many things that can be reused and recycled. They will be great to look back on and relive the wedding all over again. Take a look at some of these great ideas. 


Take all of those beautiful fairy lights and lanterns into your own backyard. If you find yourself with too many ask if any of your guests would like to take them. It will be a great addition to any patio.

Extra Food

Food is something that can be tricky to reuse however it is still very possible. Look into food donations in the area of your wedding. There are programs that will take food and serve it to shelters. Another idea is to give it away to your guests. You can’t go wrong with left overs. 

Flower Decor

Although flowers are perishable they can still be reused for home decor. You can have them professionally pressed and preserved for unique decor. You can put that on display at your house or for your bridal crew as a reminder of the wedding. 

Wedding Dress

If you want to give your wedding dress a new life you can always donate it. Some brides like to do this because it gives other brides the opportunity to enjoy such a wonderful dress at no cost. It helps another bride live out her fairytale. 

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