Details That Make A Difference In Your Wedding Photos

 Your wedding photos are some of the photos you always look back on. They might even be passed down from generation to generation. That's why having great memories captured make a big difference. The details are what's going to make a big impact. Here are some tips to help you capture the best photos. 

Make A List

Before the big day or before the bridal shoot make sure you make a list of photos you know are a must have for you. This is going to give your photographer a sense of direction and makes sure they get the photos that mean the most to you. 

Do What Feels Comfortable

If certain poses don't feel natural to you communicate that with your photographer. If you feel awkward it's going to read like that on camera. Make sure you do what feels right with you to get the best photos. You might even just want candid photos that really capture living in the moment. That's totally okay. 

Bring Accessories

If you want nice photos of your wedding dress before putting it on bring a cute hanger so that it adds that special touch. A lot of brides like to have a custom hanger with their new last name or the wedding date on it. These little details are going to make for amazing photos. 

Have A Moment For Touch Ups

If you love the way you look it's going to help you feel more confidant in front of the camera. Make sure you take a moment to touch up anything you may feel like touching up. That can mean you lipstick or putting some powder on to avoid looking too oily. 

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