Do You Need A Wedding Party?

 Traditionally we see the wedding party standing at the alter with the bride and groom. They are your closets friends and loved ones. However now more and more couples are choosing to not have a wedding party. Have a wedding party can have it's perks but it does sometimes add stress. So should you have a wedding party?


Having a wedding party does comes with a price tag so you have to make sure you incorporate that into your budget. Think about flower expenses that comes with the bouquets and boutonnieres. You should also think about hair and makeup if you want to provide that for your party. 

Can Be Stressful

Being in a wedding party can take a lot out of someone. It's added pressure to pay for things like their dresses or suits. They might even feel obligated to help with any wedding tasks the bride might need done. Not having a wedding party will let your loved ones experience the wedding as a guest and have a more relaxed time. 


If you still have to have your loved one by your side up on the alter think about just having a maid of honor and best man. Having a very small wedding party still allows you to keep some of that tradition but keeps things more lowkey.

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