What To Expect At Your Makeup & Hair Trail

  Wedding day hair and makeup are some of the most exciting things to decide for brides. But there is a good amount of planning that goes into it. One important step that is great to include is the trail run.  It allows you to work with your stylists to see if they are the right fit for you. So now that you have booked your trails how should you prepare for them. We have some tips and tricks that will ensure your trails run smoothly. Let's take a look. 

Bring Inspiration

It's good to have an idea of what you want your hair make up to look like. Your stylist is going to want you to describe it and having pictures will really help paint the picture. It's great to look for real bridal inspiration so that you get a more realistic idea of what your end result will be like and not have unreachable expectations. 

Prep Your Hair & Skin

When it comes to prepping for the trail it's great to bring in fresh washed hair that has been blowdried. If you let it air dry it doesn't hold much of a style and can look flat. Be sure not to add any hair oils or serums. As for the skin just having a washed and moisturized face is the way to go. 

Budget For These Trails

Yes, you do have to pay for a hair and makeup trail.  Sometimes it's even more than the cost of the actual hair and makeup on the wedding day. This is because there is so much time that goes into a trail. So be sure to ask your artist how much it would be for a trail. It's always worth it. 

You Might Need More That One Trail

In order to really nail the look you want you will probably need more than one trail. There will probably be some things that need fixing the first time and then you can book another trail to really finalize the look. 

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