Wedding Ideas For Book Lovers

 If you are a lover of books and always had a stack of books by your bedside then we have some great ideas for you. You can incorporate that love of literature on your wedding day for a personal touch. Perhaps you and your partner even bonded over books. This is going to give your wedding a special touch. Keep reading to see all of our ides. 

Share Your Favorite Quotes

Having quotes around your wedding venue for decor is a fun idea. They can be used a a picture backdrop or even to decorate your alter. Guests are going to have a fun time reading the quotes and it can also really add to that romantic mood. 

Table Numbers

Instead of labeling your table numbers with actual numbers why not use the name of some of your favorite books. They can be book you and your partner read together or simply ones that you both love. 

Table Center Pieces

Add that vintage feel with books used for your table center pieces. You can have a couple stacked on top of each other and add candles or flowers for that romantic touch. 

Wedding Favors

Surprise your guests with books as wedding favors. You can customize what each person gets with a story you think they will like. You can even make it a secret and cover them so they can choose their own surprise. 

Seating Chart 

Use books to let your guests know where they will be seating. You can open the books and write on the pages or simple use the cover. Either way it is going to look amazing. You can add other decorations around it like flowers for an extra pop. 

Replace The Guest Book

Instead of having a traditional guest book that guests get to write in why not use library check out cards. Your guests can each take one and write their personal message to you and your partner. 

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