Must Does The Night Before Your Wedding

 It's the night before your wedding day and you are bound to have a million things running through your mind. Having the jitters before the big day is totally normal. But it's good to use that energy and channel it into something else. Here are some items you should cross off your list on the night before your wedding. 

Pack Your Bag

It's a good idea to have a purse or clutch with your personal items for your reception. You can add things like your lipstick and touch up items that might come in handy. Make sure you then give it to someone in your wedding that can later hand it to you. 

Turn Your Phone On Silent 

It's time to log off and shut off notifications. You don't want to be stressed out answering a million different questions so make sure you are able to take time to whine down before bed. It will help you get a good nights rest. 

Load Up Your Car

Make sure you have everything you will need for the big day ready in your car the night before.  That can include your bag with extra shoes or some emergency wedding day kit. This will help save you time in the morning and you can just relax.

Sort Out Vendor Tips

Make sure you have your vendor tips in envelops ready to hand out on the big day. It's going to make the process so much smoother having done it the day before. You can always adjust in on your wedding day if you feel necessary. 

Keep Your Nightly Skin Care Routine

The night before your wedding is not the time to start using new products you've never tested before. They could irritate your skin and you could wake up with an unwanted reaction. 

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