Wedding Dress Care Before The Wedding Day

 So you just got your wedding dress back from the alterations and it's now just the count down for the big day! Making sure the wedding dress is properly taken care of is very important. You want to make sure nothing happens to it so it can look it's very best on your special day. Here are some tips to keep in mind. 

Store Somewhere Safe

You might want to keep your wedding dress away form your everyday clothing. You don't want it to get winkled or snagged on anything when you pull clothes to change on your day to day. Put it in another closet where not a lot of people will be using it. 

Use The Right Hanger

It's okay to hang your wedding dress but make sure you use a padded hanger that is designed to hold a good amount of weight. You want to make sure the hanger doest stretch out the shoulder part of your wedding dress. If your wedding dress has stretchy fabric perhaps hanging it might not be the best option. 

Keep The Dress Covered

Make sure you have the right garment bag for your wedding dress. You want it to fit right inside and isn't too tight that it might disrupted any delicate beading or lace. Make sure you get a garment bag that isn't make of plastic. A cloth one is going to be the best option for preserving it right. 

Out Of Sunlight

Make sure where you store your wedding gown where it isn't going to have direct sunlight hitting it. The sun can damage a wedding gown by bleaching the fabric. It can turn your white gown an unwanted yellow color. 

Steam Only If Needed

Before you steam your wedding dress because you think you have to make sure that the fabric can handle it. Some fabric is very delicate and will not react well with steaming. It is best to have a professional to do it but if there is not make sure you use a flat white sheet between the gown and the plate of the steamer for extra precaution. 

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