Ideas To Entertain Your Wedding Guests

 Your wedding day is about celebrating love with those that mean the most to you. You of course also want them to have a great time. One way to do that is to make sure they are entertained. Give your guests something to remember from your wedding day with some entertainment ideas. Here are some you should consider. 

Surprise Performance

This kind of entertainment isn't just for the guests. Having a surprise performance by the bride or groom is a treat for everyone. The crowd is going to go wild when the husband or wife bring out a special dance they coordinated. Not to mention their partner is going to also love it. 

Cultural Entertainment

Give your wedding a personal touch and also an entertaining one with special performance that highlight your culture. That could mean a marichi and folkl√≥rico dancers or bollywood dancers. It all depends on your own culture but your guests are going to love it. 

Creative Drinks

Give your drinks out in a more creative way. There are champagne walls that hand you a flute of bubbly or even people that wear the drinks on them. These are all creative spins on a common thing and they are going to be talked about amongst your guests. They are going to love it. 

Mad Libs

If you want your guests to be entertained at their table have a custom mad libs card for each person. It's great for those that maybe more shy and want to stay entertained at their table. They can create a version of your love story or leave you advice for the new marriage. It will be great to look back on. 

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