How To Celebrate Someone Who Just Got Engaged

 Getting engaged comes with so many different emotions and you of course want to celebrate the person getting engaged. However there are some right ways in doing so and some you should avoid. Here are some tips to help you celebrate a loved one that just got engaged.


Share The Excitement

This moment is about the one you love finally saying yes. So it's important to be genuinely excited for them. Engagements can sometimes stir up feelings of comparing your situation with theirs. Just keep the focus on them and feel happy for their milestone. 

Ask How They Would Like To Celebrate

There are so many ways to celebrate an engagement. Perhaps the couple wants to keep the celebration private or celebrate with a big party with everyone invited. Be sure to ask what it is they want to do and let them know you are there with a helping hand if needed. 

Offer Relaxation

If you see that your engaged loved one is stressed out with planning events to celebrate offer relaxation to them. You can take them aside and plan a spa day with just you two. You can even just go over to their house and have a fun movie night where there is no mention of festivities. 

Let Them Have Their Moment

You can be very excited for them and want to share the news with everyone but know that it's not your time to shine. Let the engaged couple share their news with who they want to and when they want to. 

Send A Thoughtful Gift

Commemorate this exciting time in their life with a special gift. Make sure it comes from the heart and so you know they will treasure it for years to come. 

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