Red Wedding Cakes For A Fall Wedding

 Get inspired by the changing colors of the leaves during the fall season. As the leaves go from yellow to bright red you can use that as a way to decorate your wedding cake. Here are some wedding cakes to inspire your fall wedding. 

Seasonal Leaves

Bring the red leaves to your wedding cake to really showcase the fall season. They will look amazing against a white cake or if you want to add extra color go for a warm orange. 

Bold & Beautiful 

Ditch the traditional white wedding cake and add some bold red color. It will look great with one tier red and another white. You can switch off alternating depending on how many tiers you have. 

Vintage Vibes

If you want a retro vibe go for a multi layer cake with Lambeth style pipping. Top it off with come red cherries for that special touch. 

Red Velvet Naked Cake

Have a delicious red velvet flavor and a beautiful red cake. Having a naked red velvet gives you the best of both worlds.

Black And Red Accents

If you want to embrace the more gothic side of the autumn season choose a black wedding cake with red accents. It will be perfect for a halloween themed wedding or just for a touch of gothic romance. 

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