Botanical Greens For Your Spring Wedding

 Flowers are a main and beautiful decoration most weddings incorporate but it's time to bring in that pop of green with some botanicals. It's a great way to turn an indoor space into the great outdoors. Take a look at some of this inspiration for your Spring wedding. 

Illustration For Invitation

Set the tone of your botanical wedding with your wedding invitations. You can have beautiful illustrations or even use real pressed greenery. Both would look amazing. You can also coordinate with the font and use green tones.

Escort Cards

Make a little planter filled with greens and escort cards to make it look like they are growing from there. Its a unique and creative idea you guests will love. 

Draping From Ceiling

Instead of putting to much emphasis on the table decorations why not go for something above them. Using greenery to drape the ceiling creates this botanical garden theme. Its going to make your space look more unique.

Growing Trees

Another way to level up your tablescape is using trees as the main focus on the tables.  Have it look like they are growing from the ground for that outdoor feel. 

Succulent Cake

Trade in the flowers for your wedding cake for succulents instead. Some succulents come in different colors and shapes so it will add a nice pop to a minimal cake. They can be real ones or recreated by the baker. 

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