Ideas To Celebrate Valentines Day As An Engaged Couple

 It's the day of love and now that you are recently engaged it has a whole new meaning to it. Celebrating Valentines day as an engaged couple brings a whole new fun twist to it. Don't think of it as added pressure for a perfect day but as a way to incorporate new traditions and make fun memories. Here are some ways you can celebrate with your loved one on this day. 

Trip Down Memory Lane

Use this day to take a trip down memory lane and remember why you are getting married. You can recreate your first date together. Use old photos of you two to make your valentines card. You can even head back to the place where you two got engaged. It's going to bring that romantic element to life. 

Movie Time In

If you both are lovers of watching movies and want to keep Valentines more relaxed we suggest having a movie marathon. Order from your favorite take out place and slip into your most comfortable lounge wear. It's a great way to come home and unwind from your work day and celebrate with your loved one. 

Paint n Sip

Being creative is a great way to bond with your lover. It's also a great way to destress. Pick up some canvases and grab some of your favorite wine for a fun paint n sip session. You can then put up the painting as decorations at your house so you'll always remember your first Valentines Day engaged. 

Mini Staycation

If you have already started your wedding planning use Valentines as an opportunity to unwind. Plan a staycation at a local hotel and just spend the night in. You can order room service and spend the night playing board games or watching movies. 

Valentines Engagement Party

If you haven't been able to celebrate your engagement with your loved ones try hosting a Valentines themed engagement party. Get all of your favorite people together and celebrate this big milestone. It can be as low key or extravagant as you wish. 

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