How to Rock An Open Back Or Low Back Wedding Gown

 The back of a wedding gown is just as important as the front. There are details in the back of the gown that are beautiful. We have the train of course and the cut of the back bodice. Having a low cut or open back give that unexpected sexy touch to any gown. If you are considering wearing a low back or open back wedding gown we have some tips to help style it. 

Illusion Of Open Back 

Wearing an open back wedding gown can seem a little nerve wrecking because you want to make sure it doesn't move around too much. You can still have an open back look and feel comfortable that it's going to stay in place with having illusion tulle in the back. You still get that sexy look and the illusion blends nicely so you have a seamless look. 

Veil Options

You want your open back to be high lighted and sometimes that can be hard if you are going to wear a veil. If you want to wear a veil we suggest going very minimal with just tulle and no embellishments that are going to cover the back. You can also choose to wear a shorter veil like bird cage style. You can even skip the veil all together to really make your gown the star of the show. 

Wearing The Right Under Garments

Make sure you wear the right bra for an open back wedding gown. The best option would be a front bra that sticks on to you. That give you a back without any straps. You can also look for a gown that has built in bra cups or add them yourself. It's going to make sure everything stays in place. You also want to choose underwear that doesn't come up too high. You don't want it peeking out the back of your wedding dress. 


Choosing a hair style that compliments this style of gown is always a fun adventure. If your gown has a high neckline and low back an updo would be the perfect style. It highlights both features of the gown. If you are wearing a low neckline in the front and back and half up half down hair style will look amazing. 

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