Wedding Dress Details Often Over Looked

 Finding the right wedding dress for your personal style takes time and effort. There should be some research before you book your first appointment in the bridal shop. There are so many things that goes into the design of a wedding gown that some things often get over looked. Keep these things in mind when trying to find your perfect wedding gown. 

Getting In & Out Of The Gown

How are you getting in and out of the wedding gown? Is there a zipper back or buttons? This small details isn't always what you first think about for your wedding dress. There are hidden zippers that can be covered with just the fabric from the gown or have decorative buttons. That means the buttons are just for looked but there is a zipper underneath. You can also opt for a tie up corset that is going to allow you more flexibility to adjust. Think about this detail when wedding dress shopping. 

Bra Cups

Do you want your wedding dress to have bra cups? Some dresses do come with bra cups if it has an illusion bodice or even just for more convenience. If the gown had bra cups you don't have to worry about choosing the right bra. So think about whether you would want your dress to have that feature or not. 


Sometimes illusion fabric will be added to a wedding gown if it has a low cut neckline. Some wedding gowns are already designed with it to make things more comfortable and keep the gown from opening too much. Would this be something you are interested in? It's also great for giving that tattoo lace affect to your wedding gown. 

Sleeve Details

If your wedding dress is going to have sleeves think about what you want the ends to look like. Some have button detailing and sit right on your arm. Some have lace trim for a more romantic style. Others have a bell sleeve that gives more movement to the gown. They will all look amazing depending on what theme and style you want to achieve.

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