How To Start Planning Your Honeymoon

 After planning your wedding day it can seem tiring trying to also plan for your honeymoon. By that time you might feel burned out and just needing some time to relax. Your honeymoon can be your escape or you can of course take some time to yourself before choosing to start planning your honeymoon. We put together some tips to help guide you and make this experience fun. 

Having A Vision

Let's start with the visual. This part is a great way to dip your toe into the honeymoon pool. Sit down with your partner and ask yourselves what you envision your honeymoon to be like? Is it in a romantic city sipping champagne or sitting pool side catching some sunlight. It's good to make a list of places you both are thinking and then come together to see what vibe you both like best. 

The Pace Of Honeymoon

With your vision think about what you want to be doing? Is this more of a relaxing honeymoon where you just take things slow? Do you want to be on the go site seeing the new city you are exploring? These are all things that you and your partner need to discuss so you both are on the same page. With these things you should think about how long you want your honeymoon to last. 

Honeymoon Budget

Now that you have an idea of where and what you will will be doing on your honeymoon it's time to create the budget. The average cost of a honeymoon is around $5,000. So it will take some saving in advance. Instead of having a wedding registry couples often opt to have a honeymoon fun that their guest can donate to. 

When To Start Planning

When you want to start planning is up to you but it is recommended to at least start six months in advance. It's going to allow you get better deals with airfare and hotels. So give yourself time to start planning. 

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