The Most Important Things To Your Wedding Guests

 Creating a wedding that not only you and your partner love but also your guests enjoy is the ultimate goal. This is your big day and should be about how you enjoy it but if your guests also love your wedding it's a huge accomplishment. So what are some things that they really care about? Answering this questions is going to allow you to create the ultimate wedding. Here are somethings to note and splurge on if you want. 


The last thing you want if for your guests to be hangry at your wedding. Most guests will say the most important thing in a wedding is food. That's why most of your money typically goes to food and drinks. No matter what kind of style of food you are planning on serving it's important to make sure its loved by a variety of people. If you want to take the extra step make sure if your guests have allergies or intolerances you considerate of them and offer choices. 

Venue Details 

Your dream venue may look pretty and but there are also so important factors that your guests are going to notice. How are the bathrooms? Is the parking easy and accessible? This is going to make a world of difference to your guests. Make sure there are plenty of restrooms that are clean. You also want to pick a location that is easy for your guests to find. These are just some ideas to keep in mind when choosing your wedding venue.



Having the right music gets the party ambience started. If the music isn't right your guests are not going to want to join you on the dance floor. So even if you are are having a live band or a dj make sure there is music everyone is going to enjoy. 


Make sure your guests have plenty of seating but also guide them as to where to sit. More and more couples are choosing open seating plan but that can cause confusion and disfunction. You don't have put everyone assigned to an individual seat but give them a table number to make things flow easier. Put people together that you know are going to get along or who would thrive getting to know knew people. 

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