Tips For Taking Care Of Your Engagement Ring

 Your engagement ring is such a special think that you want protect it and make sure it stays nice and sparkly. So if you are looking for some tips to help make sure you look after your engagement ring we have a few ideas for you. 

1. Avoid Taking It Off In Public

If you want to make sure you don't forget it some where avoid taking your ring off in public. When washing your hands you might feel the need to take it off but we suggest not doing so. You could forget it on the sing or even worse it may fall down the sink. The same goes for wearing at the gym you might want to avoid having it all together. There are special bands you can wear for working out if you don't want to be sporting and empty ring finger. 

2. Don't Touch The Center Stone

When you do want to take off or adjust your ring make sure you grab the sides of it and avoid moving the center stone. Not only is it going to help keep it clean and sparkly but it can also ensure you don't disturb the placement of the stone. 

3. Schedule Maintenance 

It's important to keep your ring not only looking clean but making sure all the stones are in place. You should try to schedule in some maintenance for at least once a year with a jewelry to make sure the prongs are tight. As well as making sure the diamond isn't loose. 

4. Have Ring Dishes

You house is the place where you can comfortably take off you ring and know that it will be safe. You can include ring dishes for you to place your ring when you do want to take it off. Places like you bed side table or bathroom are great places. Its a small thing that will keep you ring safe and you'll never loose it. 

5. Regular Cleanings 

Cleaning your ring regularly is going to help keep it in tip top shape. You can go to a professional or do small cleanings at home. Which ever you feel comfortable with. Try to clean it once every few weeks to get ride of any oil or dirt that may cause your stone to go cloudy. 

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