How To Manage Your Wedding Dress Not Fitting

 You can try to have back up plans for any emergency that may occur on your wedding day but the one thing that can be dreaded the most is your wedding dress not fitting. You might start to panic but know that it's more common than you might think for this to happen. Take a deep breath and follow these tips to help you. 

Choosing A More Flexible Gown

If you know you want to loose weight or will be training and gaining more muscle mass than you might have an anticipation of your wedding gown not fitting. In order to help make sure that it does fit choose a gown that is more flexible towards this change. Choosing an A-line gown can be a better option than a mermaid or trumpet style. Going for a corset bodice will help adjust to any gain or loss in the bodice area. These styles will still look great and can adjust to any ill fit. 

Have Shape Wear Handy

If you weren't planning on wearing shape wear on your big day it might come in handy. Have some with you on your wedding day just incase your wedding gown is feeling too tight. It can help smooth things out and help the dress slide on. 

Bust Area

Your wedding dress might be too tight on the bust area but it can be an easy fix. You can easily remove any padding it might have to give you more room. Vise versa. If you the bust area is too big try adding a more padded bra. 

Loose Midsection

Having a loose midsection will cause your gown to look frumpy. An easy fix to this would be to tie a sash around it. It will help pull everything together and give you a better silhouette. This is where having a corset bodice gown would come in handy. 

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