Tips To Help Make Sure You Enjoy Every Moment Of Your Wedding

 Everyone says your wedding day passes by in the blink of an eye. Before you know it the day would have come and gone so you of course want to make sure you enjoy every moment of the big day. Here are some tips to help you achieve that. 

Don't Spread Yourself Out

You are going to want to say hi to everyone and thank that but know that it isn't necessary. You also shouldn't be the person that people go to when they encounter a problem. Have a day of coordinator or appoint one of your bridesmaids to be the main person to talk to in this situation. It's going to make sure you enjoy your wedding and don't have to worry about dealing with minor problems.

Don't Over Drink

At the end of the day you are going to want to make sure you remember every moment and are totally present. So make sure you don't over drink at your wedding. You might feel nervous and have a couple drinks to ease that but make sure you know your limit. You aren't going to want to look back and wished you hadn't drank as much. 

Have Many Photos & Videos

Photos and videos are the to splurge on for your wedding. They are what you are going to look back on the most to relive the big day. You can also include a wedding hashtag to make sure you are able to see all of the candid photos and videos your guests captured of the big day. 

Take A Moment Of Reflection

Take some time alone or with your partner to really soak in the big day. It could be sharing your meal together, signing the marriage license, or doing a last dance in private. These small little moments of quiet are going to mean a lot. 

Stay True To Yourself

Make sure no matter what you always stay true to you. Make sure your wedding dress is something you feel comfortable in. Your hair and makeup make you feel like your beautiful self. Do wedding traditions that you want to do not just because you were told to do them. This is all going to ensure you love every minute of your wedding. 

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