Unique Veil Inspiration

 Your bridal accessories are what are going to give your bridal look that extra pop. They really make everything come together for an unforgettable look. Till this day a wedding veil is one of the most traditional accessory that brides are choosing to rock. There are many ways to wear a wedding veil and many different styles that brings a more modern twist. If you are looking for some inspiration for your wedding veil we have some ideas waiting for you. Keep reading to find out and make sure you let us know your favorite style. 

Attached To Hat

Bridal hats have come back into trend that can be used as a replacement for a veil or combine both of them for a stunning and unique look. You can choose a small bird cage like veil or something bold. It's all up to you and what look you are going for. 

Bow Viel

You can combine a bow and a veil for a fun look. You can have a bow at the base and a veil that flows down or use the same tulle of the veil to form into a bow at the base. They will both look amazing paired with a short dress. 

Incorporate Color

Your wedding veil is a great way to incorporate color into your bridal look. If you contemplated wearing a colorful wedding dress but weren't sold on it, choosing it for your veil is the perfect idea. You can have white tulle and add colorful florals or just do a solid color for the entire veil. It all depends on how much color you want to incorporate. 

Ruffled Up

We typically see veils with lace trim but ruffles are going to bring a more unique look. Ruffles are a beautiful surprise that will elevate any bridal look. 

Custom Embroidery

Add that personalized touch to your bridal look with a custom embroidered veil. You can add any phrase that means a lot to you or just your wedding date to always have that piece with you.  

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