Adorable Face Masks For Your Wedding

 Being safe can also mean looking cute. Incorporating social distancing guidelines during this time is the best way to ensure that you and your guests are safe and are able to celebrate comfortably. Wearing face masks at your ceremony is an easy way to protect those you love and that's why we are bringing you some awesome designs that will be a big win on your special day. 

Lace Galore

Stunning lace to match your amazing bridal gown looks chic and will help you keep safe. When looking for comfortable face masks look for adjustable nose wire and ear loops. 

Customized Logo 

Make your face mask special to you by customizing it. Adding your initials or wedding date is the perfect touch to your wedding face mask. 

Elegant Pearls 

Beautifully embellished pearl face mask is the touch of elegance your bridal look needs. Delicate pearls take your face mask to the next level. 

Something Blue

Incorporate that something blue tradition into your wedding with your face mask. Try a lace detailed blue one for that feminine touch. Our if you want to have a more subtle approach try embroidered blue stitching for personalization. 

Let us know which is your favorite style with a comment and be sure to follow us on our other social platforms for more inspiration!

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