Creative Escort Card Displays

 Escort cards are one of the first things that are there to greet guests when the walk in to the reception Why not take this time to have something fun and unique to tell them where to find their seat? These items might even serve as a wedding favor they can keep. 

Let's go over some awesome ways to greet your guests!

Coconuts for you!

Drink escort cards are quite popular but this one gets a cute little twist to it. Cool and refreshing coconut water is great for those summer weddings. It is also perfect if you are planning a beach wedding or a destination in a tropical area. 

Sculpture Display

Not only is does this escort card display help guests find their seat but it also makes for amazing decor! If you are planning a bright and colorful wedding theme we say go for this. There are of course neutral colors you can also use but bright colors add a fun touch. 

Plant Yourself

A great escort card that also doubles as a wedding favor. Now your guests can decorate their homes with beautiful memories of a magical day. 

Can't Control My Love For You

We adore this escort card display! It is so fun and creative. If you are a couple that loves video games this one is for you! It is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding. 

Unlock Your Seat

Vintage keys are a cute escort card that is great if you are having a rustic themed wedding. Shopping for them second hand is also great to give them a different purpose and are sure to be a cheaper option. 


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