Is An Open Bar Right For Your Wedding?

Weddings are the perfect celebration of love between two people and loved ones that are there to help celebrate that love. There is so much that goes into having this beautiful celebration and things that stand out to guests. One of them being the food and drinks that are served. When it comes to drinks it is always seen as a big deal if there is an open bar at a wedding but not every wedding has to have one. Today we will be going over some details of having an open bar and we hope to help you decide whether it is the right fit for your big day.

When it comes down to an open bar just how budget friendly is it?

Having set budget for your overall wedding is crucial and you can calculate how much you want to have spent for food and drinks. There is no doubt that having an open bar is more expensive then having a cash or limited bar. Of Course if you are having a smaller wedding then there might not be as many drink consumed. Be sure to talk with the bar tending company you choose to go over pricing details.

What is served in an open bar?

An open bar can be as complicated or general as you wish it to be. Depending on what you are serving will also come down to how much you want to spend on having an open bar. A typical open bar include 2 to 3 choices of beer and wine, choices of basic spirits, and typical mixers to make popular cocktails. It is truly up to you on what you want to serve. 

Is there ways to save money while having an open bar?

Yes there is! An open bar doesn't have to be out of your reach. When buying liquor for the bar try and find stores that let you return un open bottles. What isn't used doesn't have to go to waste. Purchase liquor through licensed venders that shop whole sale. No need to buy from those hiking up the prices. 

Should you have signature cocktails at your open bar?

It might be a more expensive option to include if they don't include the typical mixers. If you are really trying to stick to your budget we recommend choosing signature cocktails that include the common mixers that you were planning on serving at the bar to begin with. It is a great way to let your guests know a little bit more about you and a great personal touch. 

Overall open bars are great for everyone to have fun but know that it is totally okay to not have one. Let us know if you are planning on having and open bar. Have you been to a wedding with one and without one? What did you think of them? We would love to know your personal opinions! 


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