How To Host A Virtual Bachelorette Party


It's the age of social distancing and a new territory for all. Having a bachelorette party may have been something you were looking forward to and that can still happen! Using new and creative ideas you can still have an amazing bachelorette while being safe. Wether you are planning it yourself or your maid of honor is doing it, these ideas are great. Just remember that no matter what situation life throws at you, your true friends will always be there for you. 

Send out invitations! Wether formal physical invite or an e-vite take this time to make it fun and exciting for the virtual party. Be sure to list specific details and invite close friends and family. Things to include in the invitation are: date and time the event will take place, what video call platform will be used, if there is a code needed for the platform, and theme attire if any. 

Pick a fun theme! Choosing a theme adds a fun element to the virtual party. It makes everyone come together with their creative take on the theme. It is also important to pick something that is special to the bride or something she really enjoys. Her favorite movie, show, sport, hobby, or book. 

Fun activities! It is nice to get to chat with your friends and family but this isn't your average video chat. Planning fun activities you can all do together will make for an awesome bachelorette party. You can plan a happy hour in which you make your own cocktails. Send a kit with the needed items to those invited you can all make your own cocktails together. 

Perhaps that isn't your cup of tea you can also try hosting a movie night. There are streaming services that allow syncing a movie to your video call. Sit back in your comfiest attire and laugh the night away.

Need a little zen in your life? Try a guided mediation activity. Stress is quite high during this time so it will be a nice time to decompress and gather yourself. 

Don't forget the decorations! It's time to go all out. Just because this is a virtual bachelorette party doesn't mean you can't go big. Buy fun and theme related decorations and make your home come to life. 

Let us know what you think of these ideas with some comments! Be sure to keep up with us on our social medias. 

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