Best Drink & Food Ideas For Your Autumn Wedding

 The sweet summer days will soon be coming to end as we say hello to autumn. Fall time is slowly becoming more popular for weddings due to it's mild weather and beautiful autumnal colors. If you are planing on having a fall wedding this post is for you. We've put together some ideas on food and drinks that will pair perfectly with the crisp weather. 


Mulled White Wine -

Mulled wine is amazing for those colder days you want a drink. Typically mulled wine is heated red wine with added spices like cinnamon and cloves. Adding a white wine will give and unexpected twist but still give you that spiced flavor that pairs well with fall. 

Fig Infused -

Try incorporating seasonal fruit like figs for you drinks. A spin on the classics like a fig infused old fashioned. The dark bourbon and fig flavor make a great pairing. Perhaps a fig Moscow mule. It's time to get creative with these classic drinks. 

Apple Margarita -

Nothing sounds better then a cool margarita on a hot summers day. If you fall wedding is warmer then the typical crisp weather why not add a fall touch to a summer favorite. Apple cider is a staple during fall and now you just have to take it to the next level with some tequila. 


Soup & Grilled Cheese -

Nothing says comfort food on a cold fall day like a bowl of tomato soup and oozy grilled cheese. This little pairing make the best appetizer on your wedding day. Great for kids and adults.

Caramel Apples-

It's time for dessert with caramel apples! The perfect sweet treat to celebrate your love

Charcuterie Board - 

A charcuterie board is all about presentation. This perfect cocktail our snack can look like a fall dream with some beautiful autumn decor. It is also great to pair the cheese and meet with season fruit. 

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