Unique Bridal Bouquets

With so many florals to choose from making the perfect bridal bouquet can be easily done. Bright and bold for those summer and spring weddings or dark colors for the autumn and winter weddings. Have you ever thought of adding surprise elements to your bouquet to make it stand out? Today we will be going over some unique touches you can add besides florals that can be tailored to your style and theme. 

Lets get started!


These cute little plants have gotten the popular recognition they deserve over the passed years. From decorating your bedroom space to adding them to your bridal bouquet they add an unexpected touch. Choose to add them with the florals or make them the main attraction. 

Dried Flowers

Equally as beautiful when fresh and blooming then when dried. Using dried flowers and plants is a newer trend that has emerged and we are loving it. The nurtal and warm tones are perfect for autumn weddings and it goes perfectly with the season. This is also a great sustainable replacement for regular flower bouquets. 

Greenery & Ferns

We love the look of lush greens with just a pop of florals. This very earthy feel is great if you aren't too big on flowers. 

Hoop Bouquet

A new spin on the traditional bridal bouquet is the hoop bouquet. This is a fun a creative way to show off your florals. It is also great because it means you get to use less flowers to make it. 


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