Why You Should Shop At Full Service Bridal Stores

 Purchasing items online is such a easy and convent way to get things you need. In this day in age its all about having access to thing right at your finger tips which is exactly why online shopping is such a hit. But if your looking for something special is it best to shop online for it? Yes, we are talking about your wedding dress! A wedding dress is so much more than just another piece of clothing. It is something you will always look back on and treasure from that magical day. So why would you purchase this online?

We are strong supporters of full service bridal stores and work closely with them to bring brides beautiful and affordable styles they are sure to love. We are here to give you some in sight as to why you should shop from bridal boutiques and skip the online wedding dress shopping.

Is what you see what you get? 

When it comes to online shopping this is not always the case. Im sure you have had at least one experience where you order something expecting it to look a certain way and when it arrives it looks nothing alike. Why would you want to take that risk with something so important like a your wedding dress. Avoid this mistake buy shopping at a bridal boutique near you.

What about alterations & custom changes?

When ordering wedding dresses online you may not be able to make custom changes to your gown. Perhaps you would like to add sleeves to the gown or you want to shorten the length of it. This can be difficult with shopping online as a lot of dresses have a standard design as to which they are sold. Shopping at a bridal boutique allows you to talk about changes with in house seamstress that are available. Together you can work together to perfectly customize your dress and do alteration so that you get the perfect fit. 

What kind of shopping experience do you want?

One of the main things that will be missed out with online shopping is the experience of in person wedding dress shopping. You are not going to want to miss out on this fun and special time. Wedding dress shopping should be exciting and get you pumped for your wedding. Full service bridal stores love to make this time special for you and your loved ones. They often have drinks and snack available. You will also be assisted by a bridal consultant that is going to help you in the fitting room and pick out gowns you might be interested in. With online shopping this of course is not possible. 

What are some special experiences that come with bridal boutiques?

On top of having a consultant work with you to help you find the perfect gown there are some other wonderful experiences that only full service stores offer. Bridal stores often offer discounts when shopping for bridal gowns and accessories. They also have personal times you can set aside special for you and your friends that come with drinks and food. One awesome thing about shopping at bridal boutique would be attending trunk shows! This allows you to see a designers full collection and designs that may not be sold at the bridal store. Our creative designer loves attending trunk shows and you would be able to work with him to perfect your wedding gown. Now that something online shopping can't match!

If you want a more tailored and easy to work with experience when it comes to wedding dress shopping we defiantly recommend full service bridal stores.  They are there to help make your dream dress come to life. Be sure to check out our instagram to see where you can find our designs. 

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