Stunning Wedding Backdrops

 Have you thought about what you want to frame you while you and your partner exchange vows? It's time to give the classic arch a new look with these beautiful backdrops. Get creative and think about what would represent you and your partner. It can be anything that is near to your heart or that you think would just look amazing. Today we put together some of our favorite ways to spice up the alter.

Wedding Tapestry

A wedding tapestry is a creative and easy way to bring new flair to the alter decor seen in most weddings. You can have it say anything you want from our initials to your favorite love quote or a saying you and your partners share. It is all up to you!

Macrame Display 

This macrame design is perfect for that boho bride. Beautiful details come together to give you a relaxed backdrop with lots to look at. 

Minimalist Florals 

This is a modern and elegant backdrop that focuses the attention of those at the alter. It is enchanting without doing too much. This is perfect for the minimalist wedding. 

Colorful Punch 

Another modern take on alter backdrops is this amazing color blocking display. Choose colors that go with your theme and it is sure to make for an amazing view. 

Rustic Mood 

Warm toned wood and beautiful greenery make the perfect rustic display. Add some lights and it is a cozy and loving mood. 

Candle Lit

How romantic is this candle lit back drop. This is great for that enchanted forest theme. Just be sure to be careful and not knock over this beautiful display. 

Which one was your favorite? Let us know with a comment and be sure to share this with any brides-to-be. 


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