How To Care For Your Wedding Dress

 Now that you have said yes to the dress it is time to keep that dress safe before the big day. Once you have received your wedding dress you are going to want to keep it in pristine conditions. We are here to share some tips and tricks on how to keep you dress looking pretty and have it looking its best on your big day. 

Help Keep Its Shape

Storing your dress in the right position is very important to keep you dress looking its best. Having it in a garment bag will help the dress from getting caught in anything and not risk any strings being pulled or any tears. It will also help protest against any accidental spills that may occur around it. When having it in a cloth garment bag it is good to hang the dress to help it keep its shape and help with creases and such. 

Where To Store It

It is good to have your dress in its own isolated area. This can avoid having any accidents happen around it. Make sure it is out of reach of any pets or children. This space should also avoid to much sun light as it can lead to discoloration of the fabric. You are also going to want to keep it in a place where it isn't humid because it can lead to changing to fabric.

Properly Hanging The Dress

When you are going to hang your gown take into consideration the weight of the it. This is going to play a big factor the weight can pull down on the shoulders where the hanger sits. This can cause it to stretch. We suggest using hangers with padding and even silk so that it wont cause it to loose its shape or leave dents. If you think you dress is too heavy it is best to lay the dress gown in the garment bag to avoid accidental stretching. Light weight gown will work well with these types of hangers. 

On The Big Day

It is finally time to wear that perfect gown. Now that you have take proper care of the beautiful dress it is time to make sure it look perfect. Just before the special day it is good to get it pressed by a professional. They are sure to take out any minor wrinkles or if there happens to be any small stains. 

We hope these tips and tricks will help you keep you wedding dress looking spectacular for your wedding day!

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