Must Ask Questions At A Venue Tour


There are many factors to consider when choosing a wedding venue right for you and your loved one. From price to location it is good to know certain information before you make the final decision. We are here to bring you some must ask questions to help you pick the wedding venue of your dreams. 

Before your tour you're going to want to know some basic information like how much it would cost to rent and if it available for your wedding date. Knowing theses two things will help you determine if you should even consider this venue. Although it may look dreamy it may not be the right fit. 

1. How many quests does this venue accommodate?

This is so important because you would not want to choose a venue to small or too big. Depending on your guest size you will be able to determine if this venue would be able to have everyone comfortably. You also don't want to pick a venue too large when compared to your guest size because it could mean a higher cost. 

2. What kind of services to you offer with the venue?

This question will pertain to your budget. Some venues offer package deals that may cut down on costs when it comes to catering. They might also offer rentals like microphones and so on. You will also want to ask if there is a wait staff available and if so how many would there be. It is also good to take into account if there is a back up setting for any weather issues. Say your wedding was going to be outside. Do they offer a tent? Do they have indoor space that could be used?

3. How many hours is covered in the rental?

Apart from the reception and ceremony you need to know how many hours the space is available for everything to be set up. If the venue host multiple weddings in one day this is important to you because you don't want your guests arriving when the other wedding is just finishing up. You also need to know the time limit of setting everything and hosting the actual wedding.

4. Is there any restrictions they have?

It is important to know of any restrictions they may have when it comes to alcohol. Some venues may not have a liquor license and therefore can only service wine and beer. Some may even not allow you to bring your own alcohol to stock the bar. You are also going to want to know if they have any decor restriction like confetti or is there is a no open flame policy for things like candles or sparklers. 

5. Is there any hotels near the venue?

Having hotels near the venue may be very important if you are going to have a lot of out of town guests. You may also ask if there are any they personally recommend. 

6. What is the refund/cancellation policy?

This is extremely important to know because you never know what might happen. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control and you are going to need to know the step in canceling a wedding or even postponing it. 

We urge you to keep these things in mind when looking for the perfect venue. We want to insure that you pick one that is best suited for you!

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