Who Should Attend a Ceremony Rehersal?

It's time to practice, practice, practice for the big day. Ceremony rehearsal is the time to get a sneak peak of what to expect when the wedding day arrives. It is where you give a run through of walking down the aisle. Where your wedding party will be standing through different times and so on. Although it would be great to have all our guests attend it is not realistic and not entirely necessary. So who should be at a ceremony rehearsal?

The people that should be attending are those that will take part in the wedding ceremony itself. If they are not just guests at the wedding then they should attend the ceremony rehearsal. 

Of course the bride and groom will be there but the mother and father of both parties should also be there since they will play big roles in the ceremony. The officiate should also be there since they will be front and center on the wedding day. It is great to go over the order in which the reading will proceed. No need to read your vows, just know when you should. 

This is also the perfect time to have any younger one's present. Let your flower girl and ring bearer get familiar with what they will be doing and an example of how things will look for your wedding day. It is very important for them to get that practice in so they aren't thrown off when it's time for them to shine. 

It is good to have most of your bridal party and grooms men attend but if that is not possible be sure they are able to communicate with one another to go over how things will play out. Try too avoid too many people that will not be participating in the ceremony so that things can run smoothly and with great timing. 


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