5 Easy Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

 Weddings can be a mixture of traditions and a reflection of the couples getting married. Sometimes it can seem that you have to stick to traditions but that isn't true. Your wedding should be what you envisioned your wedding day to be.  There are easy ways to bring your own personal touch to your wedding and make it seem that much more special. 

Today we are here to bring you unique and easy ways to make your wedding feel like you! Let's get started. 

1. Write Your Own Vows

Personalizing your vows are such a beautiful and intimate way of making your wedding feel more like you. These vows come straight to the heart and can mean so much more than just following the traditional marriage vows. They are the perfect way to show your love for your partner whether you use poems, songs, or quotes as inspiration. It can seem a little more intimidating to write your own vows but we say don't be afraid. There is no wrong way to say you love your partner and they will really appreciate your personal vows. 

2. Have Your Friend/ Family Member As The Officiate 

Finding the perfect officiate can become difficult so why not ask your close friend or family member to do so? Having someone close to you officiate the wedding adds so much personality. They are the one's that know you and your partner personally and can really tell your love story. They might have been there since the very beginning and now they get to be the one to marry you. How lovely does that sound?!

3. Include Your Pets

If your pet is part of your family why wouldn't you have them at your wedding? There are so many ways to include your pet in to your wedding. They can be the ring bearer, part of the wedding party, and even the face of your signature drinks. Having your pet with you on your big day is such a cute way to personalize your wedding. Although this has become more popular it doesn't mean it loses its personal touch. 

4. Pick Your Traditions

If certain wedding traditions don't speak to you don't feel like you have to include them. It is important for you and your partner to sit down and ask yourselves what traditions you would like to include on your special day. From the bouquet toss to wear a white wedding dress. Think about what represents you and be sure to stay true to yourself. 

5. Personalized Notes

A great way to thank your guests and make them really feel part of the wedding is to leave them personalized notes. This can be done with escort cards that say personal things to each one of your guests or leave a thank you note on there name card on their seat. It is a small and easy way to make your guests feel welcomed and provides a intimate moment. 

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