How To Care For Your Wedding Dress While Traveling

 Are you planning on having a wedding outside of your state even country? Or maybe your getting your wedding dress from out of town? Either way it is important to keep the dress safe to avoid any tares or stains happening. We are here to help you travel with your wedding dress to keep it in it's best form. 

If you are traveling via plane you are going to want to avoid storing the dress in your checked in luggage. This means the dress will not be in close sight and not handled with care. If you have ever traveled with checked in luggage you are not a stranger to some troubles that come with things going missing or things breaking because they were miss handled. 

Don't forget a hand held steamer. This one is for the brides that are going to have a destination wedding. You are going to make sure you have a way of steaming your gown to make sure it looks wrinkle free for the big day. If you seem to not have room for one you can designate your bridesmaids to carry it with them. 

You should invest in a trust worthy garment bag. This is key to helping protect your wedding dress. Your dress might already be in a garment bag from your bridal store but it might not be up to par for the conditions of travel. Having a thick water proof bag will keep your dress stain free.

Most importantly try not to stress out about the condition of he dress. Just be sure to do your part in preparing and know that things will turn out okay. It's okay to ask for a hand when doing going through airport security to handle it gently. There are many brides that travel with wedding dresses so try not to over worry. 

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