How To Wear A Wedding Dress With Sleeves For Spring/Summer Weddings

 When choosing the perfect wedding dress it is very important to think of when you are planning on having your wedding. Different climates work better with certain dresses. For warm weather you might go with lighter fabrics and typically you don't think about going with sleeves. But it is totally achievable to have sleeves in your wedding dress even if you are going to have your wedding during a warm summer day. 

Since because most weddings happen during the summer and spring time because of the weather you might be wondering if you can still rock your dream dress during these conditions. The answer is yes. There are so many sleeves types to choose from that you will be able to find one that works both for you and that warm weather. We are here to give you some tips on what to look for to help you narrow down your search for the perfect sleeve. 

So your main concern for choosing a sleeve for a warm wedding is how will it keep you cool. You are going to want to have ventilation so that you don't get sweaty and even if you do it will be able to dry quick. This bring us to our first tip!

1. Breathable Fabrics

It is important to rule out thick fabrics that trap heat and don't allow air to circulate. Lace sleeves are great for allowing air in and not keeping you warm. That means if you want a long sleeve you might be able to still rock it in the warm weather because air will still be able to move in and out of the gown. Illusion fabrics are also perfect to add a thin layered sleeve that won't over heat you.

2. Loose Fit

Another thing to keep in mind is choosing a sleeve that doesn't stick to your body. Balloon sleeves are a great because they puff out. There is nothing worse then feeling sweaty and having your clothes stick to you. You won't need to worry about that with this type of sleeve. 

3. Short Sleeves

Short sleeves are always a go to option. They give you that elegant look without adding too much material and are sure to keep you cool. You can choose between fitted or flutter. The options are endless. Even if you want them lined or not since it won't be covering your whole arm.

4. Off The Shoulder

Having an off the shoulder neckline and sleeve combination is great to help with the heat. Apart from being practical it is also a stunning pairing that is sure to capture hearts. 

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