Unexpected Wedding Cost That Can Hurt Your Budget

 Creating a well thought out and precise wedding budget is very important. It sets up the wedding you can expect to have. Unless you have unlimited funds then you will be having a wedding budget. When it comes to planning your wedding sometimes it's hard to take into account every single thing. It's okay to sometimes go over your budget a bit as long as it doesn't differ far from it. It's always good to have a little extra taken into account incase things do add up to be more than you anticipated or incase something takes a left turn. 

Today we are here to bring about some costs that sometimes catch couples by surprise. We are here to shed some light on them and make sure they don't stay in the dark until the last second. You can also decide if these are costs that are totally necessary in your wedding. 

We are first starting off with things specifically for the brides!

Wedding Dress Alterations

There are things that are often looked over when coming up with a budget and that is just including the cost of the wedding dress. Although this is a big chunk of it, it's not the only thing. Let's talk about alterations. Alteration is something every bride will have to do. There is no dress that will fit 100% as is and will have to be hemmed or fitted to your body. This can cost from $100- $800 depending on how much work is going to have to be done. 

Bridal Accessories 

Next up we have the accessories of the bridal look. This include undergarments. Are you going to wear a veil? What kind of shoes will you be rocking? Will you be lounging in a bride robe as you get ready? These things should all be accounted for. Every small thing can up up in the end for your wedding budget. 

Marriage License

One of the most important items can sometimes be overlooked. Couples can forget that you have to pay for a marriage license. The price will depend on which state you are getting married it so be sure to go on your state website to set your budget correctly. 

Service Fee & Other 'Hidden' Costs

Taxes and service fees can sometimes sneak up on you. Before you know it your way over your budget. Be sure to take these into account. Your vendors can have different fees for certain things so be sure to look into each of their pricing and what it includes. Most vendors expect a tip on top of their pricing and fees so be sure to think of that as well. Tipping is usually 15-20% of total cost. 

Overtime Charges

Vendors have a certain amount of time you can hire them for. That is usually included in the cost. On the big day it can become easy to no notice the time and needing them to stay a bit longer. It is important to see of the fee for going over the time allowed. Sometimes they will allow you pay for a certain amount of additional hours. It is good to keep some money reserved for this. 

Day Of Stationary

Perhaps you have together a portion for invitation costs and save the dates but have you thought about your day of stationary. Some items that would fall into this category would be any signs you are planning on having. Escort cards, dinner menus, name plates. All of these small things can be overlooked sometimes. 

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