Romantic Wedding Ideas That Feel Straight Out of A Movie

 Your wedding day is all about the romance and if you are a bride looking to really bring that out we have the right inspo for you. It's all about capturing those enchanting vibes through small things in your wedding. These will be able to make your wedding feel warm and romantic. Let's take a look at some awesome ideas. 

Lighting Is The Way To Go

A thing that sometimes doesn't get enough recognition when wedding planning is lighting! Lighting is so important because it sets a mood to the overall wedding. We have 2 ways to bring all the romantic feels to your wedding. 

1. Fairy lights- This type of lighting adds all the magic to any wedding. There is just something that really captures the eye in fairy lights. The beautiful glow looks amazing in person and in photos as well. You can incorporate them in your alter arch or let them string down in a tree if your wedding is out doors. All of it looks incredible.

2. Candle Lit- Having a candle lit dinner or even at your ceremony is such a romantic touch! You should have a photographer used to shooting in low light to be able to capture these beautiful vibe. They can be used to light the aisle or as table decor for your guests. It all looks perfect. 

Enchanting Themes

Your wedding theme  can be what ever you choose but there are way to make it feel more romantic. These small details will make all the difference. We have one that is perfect to incorporate.

1. Woodland Details- When you think of the words enchanting and fairytale what comes to mind is a beautiful wedding in a forrest. Using that as inspiration is what makes that romantic vision come to life. You can choose to have an outdoor wedding for that magical feeling but you can also use wood accents in your wedding. This gives it that warm and cozy feeling but not cabin wood type. Using greenery like moss and leaves are also a great idea. 

Your Bridal Look

Your wedding look can also embrace that fairytale romantic look with a few things. One of the most important is the wedding dress. Your wedding dress is the main focus of the look so of course you will want one with that enchanting touch. Your hair is also great at capturing that beautiful enchanting vibe. 

1. Lace Sleeves Wedding Dress: Lace long sleeves add so much character to any dress. It is also the perfect touch of magic. Pair this with a airy tulle A-line gown and you will have a dress straight out of a movie. 

2. Romantic Curls- Voluminous curls make any look delicate and romantic. They can be worn in an up doe or down on their own. Add hair accessories like pearls or even flowers in the hair. 

Wedding Entertainment

The age old question of having a live band or a DJ is alway brought up when planning a wedding. The clear answer is is you want that romantic touch go for a live band. 

1. Live Band Please- Live music is so powerful in conveying emotion so it would be the perfect fit. Nothing beats the magical sound of string instruments are you make your way down the aisle. 

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