The Unplugged Wedding

 Have you heard of the phrase "unplugged"? In this day in age this phrase is used more and more to describe going off the grid from technology. But what does it mean for a wedding? In the same sense having an unplugged wedding refers to not allowing any cellphone or electronic devices out, usually during the ceremony. Some couples decide to do this to not have any distractions durning the big moment of the ceremony. Others choose to allow it, it just depends on their preference. 

Having an unplugged wedding can seem like just a trend but it is so much more than that. Going electronically free can allow you to have a deeper connection with you and your guests during such an important time. It allows  you and your guests to really be in the moment with out any distractions. 

So, is going unplugged the right choice for you? Let's find out!

Many couples choose to pull the plug off cellphones because they can really ruin wedding photos. You know that scenario of being in a concert and all you see are cellphone in the air? Now picture that at your wedding all caught perfectly by your wedding photographer. This can take away from the moment and it's not only a distraction during that time but even in photos afterwards. 

We understand that guests want to capture the beautiful moment which is why the cell phones are out in the first place. But sometimes it's just better to leave it to the professionals. You can always share your professional photos of the ceremony with them and the quality is sure to be much better than if they had taken them with their phones. Every bride would love to see the beautiful faces of their guest and that is just what having an unplugged wedding would allow. 

When in a movie theater they always tell guests to silence their phones when the movie is going to start. Your wedding ceremony should be taken with the same seriousness. It's important for guests to not only put away their cell phones but you could also ask them to silence their phones. At least put it in vibrate to avoid distractions while you and your partner read each others you vows. 

It is important to guide your guests into the mindset of not having their phones out during the ceremony. Having sign at the venue reminding your guests of going unplugged is the perfect way to let them know. There are many signs to choose from so you are sure to find one to fit your theme. You can also make the announcement before hand on your wedding invites and wedding website. You might even want a more hands on approach by having guests leave the phones in a basket. It is totally up to you how you want to enforce these rules. 

Going unplugged is a gift to not only you and your partner but for the guests as well. It is a nice little vacation time away from always being caught up with technology. It allows them to be grounded and truly experience this special time with you. Let us know if having an unplugged wedding is right for you.


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