Is A Trumpet Silhouette Right For You?

 When choosing your dream wedding dress there are many thing you take into consideration. One of the main things that is most noticeable is the silhouette of the gown. A silhouette is a term to describe the outline or shape of the dress. As you have seen through browsing dresses on the web each gown has a different shape to them. Knowing the terms used for each dress is good to be able to communicate with your bridal consultant about which appeals to you. 

Today we will be going over one of our favorites known at the trumpet silhouette. This silhouette is very similar to something called a mermaid silhouette. Both styles are fitted to the body and do a great job showing off your figure. The trumpet silhouette hugs your body from the top of the neckline down to about mid thigh. That is when the dress fans out creating that trumpet like shape like it's name suggests. The difference in the mermaid is just the placement of where the fanning out starts. The trumpet silhouette also has a less dramatic flare out then mermaid styles and are easier to move around in.

Is the trumpet silhouette right for you? If you want to show off those curves this one is for you. With that being said this silhouette is most flattering to brides with hour glass figure. Those with more of a straight figure might not find this style as flattering. This silhouette also works for figures with a heavier top then bottom balancing it out with the flair. 

Due to the trumpet style having a gradual flare it is perfect for any type of style wether it's romantic, glam, or boho. It works for all of them. This is also a great look for the more modern brides over the years it has become more and more popular because of it's flattering look. Like mentioned before a trumpet silhouette allows for more movement then a mermaid silhouette so brides love it. 

Now on to some of our bridal favorites of this beautiful silhouette. 

Farah is such an elegant trumpet gown. It does a good job at highlighting your curves in a not so dramatic way. You still have that fitted silhouette with a much more relaxed feel. This gown is easy to walk in which makes it perfect for that first dance. If you are looking for a glam look this is the one for you. 

Halo is for the brides looking to change up their look through out the wedding. It features a detachable train for a more dramatic look down the aisle and when it's time to party you can simply remove it for an easy way to move around. The sexy silhouette is complimented by a low back and gorgeous lace. 

All the glitz and glam a bride could ever want is here in Beyonce. This is for the brides that really want a statement dress. The train is such an eye catcher it's hard not to fall in love with it. This trumpet silhouette shows how regal it can really be. 

Daphne is for the romantics that want a unique touch. Brides love the look of it's illusion halter neckline and compliments the silhouette perfectly.  This design is perfect for brides who have a more top heavy frame. 

When looking for the right dress be sure to try on different silhouettes and stick to the one most flattering to you. That is the best way to know which one is going to fit the best. Let us know what you think of the trumpet silhouette. If you are interested in these gowns visit for more information. 

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