What To Do If You Second Guess Your Wedding Dress

 This topic is not often talked about enough and it might be because there is an idea that once you find the one then there is no room for second thoughts. This is referring to your wedding dress of course. But it must be said that second guessing your wedding dress is totally normal. It is nothing to be ashamed of. This is especially true if you are an indecisive person sometimes it's a habit of second guessing your choice. 

This is an important part of your wedding so it is totally normal to question whether you made the right choice. The first step into addressing this is to stop and think about why you feel his way. Sometimes we are influenced by other opinions or media that we see. It is good to listen to others to an extent, you should always go with a dress that is right for you. That is why when you go wedding dress shopping you should be surrounded by people that will respect your feelings while also being honest with you. It should feel like a judge free zone.

If you find that those doubts are still present know that your decision was well thought out and not just an impulse buy. If these feeling keep on lingering it is okay to book another appointment with your bridal store to try on your gown again. It is a good idea to go alone to really see how you feel about it with out outer opinions and pressures. At this time is is great to talk to the bridal consultants about any custom changes you would like to do with the gown to help you get the desired look. 

Over shopping can also do bring these feelings of doubt. It is good to have an end to the wedding dress shopping but if after you say yes to one it still goes on this can stir up those doubtful feelings. We are not saying it's not okay to shop at more than one store. Just have in mind that after you say yes to one gown it is good to stop searching.

Social media is a great place to get inspiration for your wedding dress shopping, but after you say yes it might be time to cut back on it. Seeing all these other wedding dress designs that make you feel like your missing out on something. That perhaps what you have isn't right for you. If you started following a lot of wedding dress designers you might want to unfollow them to not have that keep popping up. 

We hope these tips can help with those uneasy thought about your wedding dress.  At the end of the day know you made the right choice because it was true to you. 

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