What Is An Exit Look?

 We've covered all about the first look and it's special touch it adds to each wedding but have you heard of the term exit look? Your exit look sounds just like what it is. When you have your grand send off after the reception some brides and grooms will do an outfit change for a more casual look. This is a great addition to your big exit and also a great thing for you and your partner to participate in. 

So is it something that you should do?

There are some pros and cons to doing an exit look so let's take a deeper look into it starting with the pros of course. 

1. You get two different looks 

This one is a no brainer but if you are a bride that wanted to do an outfit change for that wow factor then this is a great way to do it. There are so many options to choose for that special outfit change. Jumpsuits, a short cocktail dress, or even a fun suit. They are the perfect addition to your bridal look. 

2. Great for your exit transportation 

If you are planning on having a nontraditional getaway car like a motorcycle. This means your wedding dress might not be the right fit for it. Slipping into something more comfortable and suitable for the the exit is the way to go. 

3. Going Straight To The Honeymoon

If you are planning on starting your honeymoon right after the reception having and exit look is the perfect occasion to change your dress. It also means you are able to store your wedding dress before leaving with help to ensure that it doesn't get ruined during your time away. 

An exit look sounds amazing but what are some negatives?

1. Extra Cost

This one is also an obvious one but it might also be the most important. Having an outfit switch is of course going to add to your expenses. If you are on a tight budget this might not be for you. 

2. Less time in your wedding gown

Wedding gowns are expensive so you are going to want to get as much time in it as you can. Having an exit look will interfear with that. This will be your only day to wear your gown so you might want to think it over for the exit look. 

3. Photos With Different Look

Your exit photos are such a great way to look back at your wedding. But if you do a exit look you won't be wearing your wedding dress. This can make a difference and if you want your wedding dress in these photos then you might not want to do an exit look. 

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