All About The Signature Wedding Cocktail

 Whether you are a bride, groom, or guest at a wedding you know that food and drinks are very important. Sure the day is to celebrate the union of one happy couple but let us do that with amazing food and drinks. When it comes to drinks at the wedding there are some details that go into it like open bar or not? What kind of drinks will there be? And is there going to be a signature drink/cocktail? 

Signature drinks are a newer trend that allows couples to add a personal touch to their wedding. Couples can choose to have one drink as a couple or have each person have their own drink. This is such a fun and creative experience to bring to life. Couples get to come up with clever names for them. Some even like to use their pets as inspiration behind naming them. Again, a perfect personal touch to any wedding. 

So how do you choose your signature drink? When it comes to choosing your signature drink it is great to work with your bartender for your wedding to come up with something that reflects you and your partner as a couple. Think about your go to liquor of choice of course so that you know what you want your base to be. Next you should think about what flavor you want to have. Sweet, clean, refreshing, smooth? These are all great words to think about so that you can tell your bartender. You might also want to consider when you wedding will take place. For summer you might want a refreshing drink for your guests for winter maybe something smooth that gives you that cozy feeling. 

Signature drinks are not only great for drinking but they can add a pretty pop of color to your wedding. It is a great element of fun to look at and drink from. Using fresh fruit or even certain alcohols that change color give every wedding that small touch that makes it that much more special. 

Now signature drinks are great but is it right for you?

Signature drinks can be a bit tricky when it comes to budgeting. On one hand they can add to your drink cost but it can also save you money. It all really depends on what you choose. If you want to have a full bar but also want to include signature drinks it can add a cost. This is true if you choose to come up with a unique drink with your bartender. On the opposite side you can choose to not have a full bar and stick to the signature drinks to save money. This means that your bar will likely serve beer, wine, and the signature drinks instead of having a full stocked bar. 

If you are not going to be working with a bartender to come up with a specialty cocktail then you can prepare large batches on the cocktail you chose as your signature. This can also cut down cost because you might not have to pay for the bartender or for an additional bartender. It can also cut down on large bar lines and your guests will be able to serve themselves from something like pitchers of the premixed drink. 

Like mentioned before signature cocktails are great for adding that personal flair to any wedding. It is also a great experience for you and your partner to do together in the wedding planning process. Which makes it that much more special when the day comes. 

Let us know what you think of this trend? Will you be incorporating it in your wedding?

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