5 Things To Know For Your First Bridal Appointment

 The day has finally come where you get to start choosing your wedding dress! You have probably been anticipating this day and full of excitement but there are somethings to keep in mind when you arrive to your first bridal appointment. These tips will help you be prepared and have a better experience. Be sure to keep these tips in mind or even make a checklist so that you can remember then all. 

So what exactly should you know before setting foot into your bridal appointment.

1. Open Mind

The first things first is to keep an open mind. That pertains to styles of dresses and also expectations. Its good to try styles that are recommended to you even if you had a particular style in mind. You never know if you are going to like a gown until you try it on. It is also good to take into consideration an alterations and modifications that can be done to the dress. Be sure to ask about that when you interested in a gown. Some designers offer custom changes to bring your vision to life. Another very important reminder is to keep an open mind because you most likely will not find "the one" on your first bridal appointment so remain patient. 

2. Wear The Right Undergarments

When trying on wedding gowns it is important to bring the right underwear. Not wearing the proper underwear can take away from the actual look of the gown. It can make it harder to picture how it will actually look. We recommend nude colored underwear and bra. You might also want to go for a no show style an a strapless bra. These will blend in better when trying on gowns. 

3. Bring Inspiration 

It is good to have some inspiration in mind when looking for the right gown. Like we mentioned you should still keep an open mind although your heart might be set on a particular look. Having pictures of gowns you have in mind give the bridal consultants an idea of what style your going for. That means they can pull gowns that are similar. This can also include any bridal accessories. You can always ask if they have something similar to what you might have in mind. 

4. Go With The Right Fit

Some times bride want to loose weight for their big day and if that is something you want to do please keep it in mind. A wedding dress should fit you and you should not try to squeeze into it. If you are planning of loosing weight for your wedding day we would suggest holding off on purchasing a gown until you are at a weight that you want. This is to ensure that you gown will be tailored to fit you properly. It is important to purchase a gown you feel beautiful and confident in no matter what shape or size. 

5. Sizing Options

One thing that might come to a surprise that that wedding shops don't carry all of the sizes for gowns. They have sample sizes which means they are typically a size 8 to 10. Some bridal stores also offer plus sizes. This is something common so don't be alarmed when the dress doesn't fit. Wedding dress sizes also differ from you usual dress size so this is also something important to keep in mind. Your measurements will be taken to get your correct size when you find the one. The bridal consultant will help to pin the gown to fit properly so that you can envision what the proper size will look like.

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