What Are Pre-Wedding Events?

 There are so many amazing festivities that lead up to the actual wedding day! They are equally as fun and such a great way to celebrate along the journey that is wedding planning. What exactly are all of the events and when do they occur? If you are a little lost as to all the festivities that go on let us shed some light on that. Today we will be talking all about the pre-wedding celebrations that happen! So sit back and get ready. 

First Things First, Engagement Party!

The event that officially kick starts the marriage journey is the engagement party! The engagement party is the time friends an family come together to celebrate that you and your partner said yes to getting married. This event is typically done within the first few months of being engaged. It is hosted by the couple that is getting married. It can be as casual or formal as you would like, there really isn't any rules. Although this is a fun first event it isn't necessary. If you would like to save money for the wedding we say skip this event. 

Wedding/Bridal Shower

Next up is the wedding/bridal shower! This is the time your loved ones shower you with love and gifts. This event is typically put together by your wedding party. It can take place about 3 months before your wedding. It is also not just a bridal shower but can be a conjoined wedding shower to celebrate both partners. This is totally based on what you prefer. 

Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party

The bachelor/ bachelorette party is one of the most fun events when it comes to pre-events. It is the time to go out and celebrate with all your friends and really just enjoy each other company. This event is one that a lot of couple look forward too. Bachelorette parties typically happen between 2-4 months before the wedding but follow up the wedding shower. It just depends on when everyone can come together to celebrate. It is usually put together by the bridesmaids/maid of honor and groomsen/best man for the grooms side. 

The Welcome Party

A welcome party can be done for a destination wedding and one that is not. It works perfectly for both occasions if there will be out of town guests. If the wedding is not a destination wedding then this is done when all the out of town guest have arrived usually about 2 days before the wedding. If it is a destination wedding it is done once all the guest have arrived and settled could be up to a week before the wedding day depending on schedules. This is hosted by the engaged couple or their parents. 

Rehearsal Dinner

Last but certainly not least we have the rehearsal dinner. This takes place right after the ceremony rehearsal typically the night before the wedding. It is such an exciting time almost like the engagement party because the wedding day is so close. It is the time to have a nice of fun before the big day with your loved one's. This is hosted by the parents of the groom but it doesn't have to be. 

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